Licensing and Regulation in Pet Grooming


Pet Grooming is a largely unlicensed and unregulated industry. In Kentucky and Florida- where our stores are  located, there is no one who inspects, regulates, or otherwise looks after this industry, the people who work inside it, or the pets who it services. I’ll wait a moment while that sinks in…

That’s right. There is no one making certain that pets are handled humanely. There is no one inspecting facilities to ensure that equipment is not creating a hazardous environment for people or the pets inside. There is no one regulating the industry as a whole. We are an industry of pet lovers- and some of us are lucky enough to morph into being pet professionals.

Once we do, we begin to voluntarily seek education. We seek certification with third party organizations who will test and categorize our skills and knowledge. We attend training and classes on Pet First Aid and CPR and proudly post our certificates for our clients to observe. Now, we can now attend training for individual groomers and even designate our salons to be safe environments and adopt base safety standards for the protection of pets in our care.

These skills; this knowledge; this attention to detail all come at a price. It is expensive and time consuming to learn, test, qualify, certify, and gain the much needed knowledge of a pet professional. Clients often breeze in/breeze out with their dogs, notice our cute bandana rack, select a bow of their favorite color- but rarely stop to read the many certificates representing hours of continuing education and years of accumulation of knowledge on display in our lobby at See Spot. We will pass that cost on to you, the customer but you will gain the rewards of it over and over. Your pet will be safe; and you will have a valued care provider on your pet’s team for many years to come.

While it could be tempting to be frustrated that clients continue to place their dogs in the hands of groomers who are one record button away from a viral video, one unsanitary facility away from a contagious outbreak, and one evening news story away from placing a blight upon all professional groomers for abusing a pet- I will choose to shine a spotlight on the Pet Grooming industries advancements.  It’s up to every professional and educated groomer to show our clients the difference we make to their pet- I don’t mind to remind you every time you walk into my salon, Mrs. Smith, that we are an AKC S.A.F.E. Salon, that our groomers are legal employees with benefits befitting a professional, and that you will be serviced today by someone with rigorous standards all the while being treated with mutual respect and courtesy.

Basically, you WILL get what you pay for. Thank you, and come again.