See Spot Safety


At See Spot we take safety seriously. Seriously, we really do. For some pet groomers, this is a buzz word. They take a few classes, are appropriately outraged when a groomer goes bad and a video appears on the internet of a poor dog soul bearing the brunt of it, and pay attention to general major safety rules. Don’t let the dogs outside, don’t blow high velocity dryers into dog’s faces, don’t let dogs jump off tables or out of cages. But is that enough?

We take safety one step further. To the place it needs to go. We innovated an Animal Advocacy program. What is that? So glad you asked. We spend our days with voiceless models. The dogs in our care can’t ask for a break, or let their owner know if they were scared, happy, excited, or just plain angry about their haircut that day. Our Animal Advocacy program gives every pet a voice.

Spots (that’s what we call our Team) are empowered from their first day/first training with our company to practice the Animal Advocacy program. They are taught that we have to be eyes and ears for every pet/every groom/every time/every visit. If a dog needs a minute, he doesn’t have to ask for it- a Spot is there to watch after him and let his caretaker know.

Here’s the truth about Pet Grooming- pets can learn to enjoy the intimate nature of having a relative stranger peruse every inch of their body with clippers, scissors, brushes, combs; but not every pet loves the process and it takes time, patience, and an understanding of animal behavior to ease them through the service. Our Animal Advocacy program ensures that every pet has as seamless transition into the adventures in Pet Grooming as possible. It’s a necessary routine for nearly all domestic pets- that doesn’t mean it has to be a necessary evil.

Ask us about our Safety and Animal Advocacy programs- we are proud to discuss them and how they impact your pet’s grooming.