Your Time…


When asked how I am (or I ask another person this question), I often respond with a comment about my time. “I’m staying so busy” “I am always running behind” “I can’t seem to get everything done” are common answers. I rarely stop to consider what the person asked me. He/she didn’t want to know what I was doing (or hadn’t gotten done). They asked me how I was. How I truly was doing out there on this big blue disco ball we call Earth.

Each of us has a limited amount of time. Currently, I have lived 11,680 days as a Pet Professional. I have been an adult most of them. I have taken care of, trained, and groomed a countless number of dogs in those days. Today I had a conversation with a staff member who consistently infringes on other peoples time. A few minutes later here, a lot of minutes late there. She keeps customers waiting on their pets sometimes…maybe it’s 10 minutes to put those finishing touches on a perfect haircut. But it happens more often than it should. I pointed out to her that she was stealing time from those clients she kept waiting. Just as no shows/no calls steals time which a groomer set aside for an appointment, the clients need stability and consistency from the Pet Groomers to plan their already hectic time schedules.

Your time as a Pet Groomer is valuable and so it that of your client. Every one of us is terribly aware that we don’t seem to have enough time in the days. You can see it in the impatient husband picking his dog up on the way home from work. You can see it in the frazzled mom rushing to get the dog before she leaves for the after school carpool line.  You can see it in the rushed groomer who just can’t seem to get her dogs finished each day before the owners are calling and asking when to come pick them up. Everyone is searching for a balance.

We are service professionals. Wait a minute, I’m going to say that louder. PET GROOMERS ARE SERVICE PROFESSIONALS. Now that you heard that, it is our job to be considerate of our clients time constraints and to let our clients know accurately what time we need to complete the service we are hired to do. Every pet deserves our time and attention. By learning to correctly manage your time and client work load, your clients can learn to relax and enjoy your services. You/their pet/their appointment can be one less source of stress and something that they don’t have to worry about infringing on that more precious resource- time.