Puppies, Puppies, and More Puppies


Many of our See Spot Team members are also professional dog people outside of the salon as well. We have employees who spend their weekends and limited time off trekking to dog shows, hunt trials, obedience trials, agility matches, and almost every dog sport you can play. That’s what makes our staff so balanced and well-rounded.

Currently, we have several employees with litters of puppies in various stages of development from pregnancy to weaning to leaving for their forever homes. This means that we have been talking a lot about puppies while we are standing at our grooming tables.

A missing link for many groomers is providing clients with puppies proper information regarding beginning the grooming process. This is a life-long  service for many breeds of dogs- from luxury to necessity- most puppies will visit a pet groomer at some point in their lifetime.

Teaching a puppy to relax, accept handling, stand quietly, and even learn to enjoy the grooming process ensures that you and your puppy enjoy many years of valued service with a trusted professional. Common behavioral issues that groomers face often can trace back to a lack of experience- or experience of the right kind- for dogs when they are young. Just as important as being introduced to garbage cans, the mailman, and learning about the world around them, learning to accept grooming services willingly can help your puppy remain safe and happy when Spa Day rolls around.

Early visits to the groomer for “table time” are important building blocks to the process. Puppies aren’t encouraged to play or become excited on the grooming table but rather are encouraged to enter a neutral state of mind. Much like a small child at the dentist office, sharp tools and a wiggly subject don’t always mix. Just as you wouldn’t want your toddler bouncing around for a dental exam- your groomer likewise needs your puppy to remain calm and relaxed. The process should not be forced and the puppy should learn to tolerate tools and attention from hands, brushes, dryers and bathing at his own pace. If your groomer recommends several visits to accomplish this, it’s likely that your pet stylist doesn’t want to overwhelm or overload your puppy. Every dog learns and accepts new things at a unique pace- allow your groomer the luxury to move in time with your pet’s learning style.

What do you get for this investment in your pet’s future? Here are some results you may experience: a calmer dog who willing allows his nails to be trimmed resulting in fewer mishaps with quicked nails; a less twitchy or jumpy pet when being clippered or scissored which results in less likelihood of being nicked or cut; a patient and quiet pet who relaxes and enjoys his time spent with the groomer who doesn’t return home stressed or exhausted; a pet who shows off his fancy new haircut because his groomer was able to create the perfect style while he stood perfectly still. These are just a few of the benefits of investing in your puppy’s education with the groomer. Happy Puppy!